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Funded in 2021


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CoinCare Neo-Bank

New Age Banking Experience

CoinCare is building an education-first neo-bank for the people, regardless of color, creed, or nationality.

CoinCare University provides financial literacy/awareness to all its members.

Issuing Debit Cards in Partnership with VISA

Mobile banking with all the features of a traditional bank, with the added benefits of digital currency technology.

Get a CoinCare Card - spend digital currencies like a normal card, anywhere in the world.

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The World is Unbanked

1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have access to financial services; the infrastructure of all developed economies. CoinCare aims to be the bank of the people, giving easier access to financial services worldwide.


Extremely lucrative payments market we’re tapping into, both a traditional finance, foreign exchange, and digital currency angle.

Through CoinCare University, a financial education program, and OSIS, CoinCare will implement a “Learn & Earn” model for our clients. We will incentivize members with fiat or digital currency rewards for completing courses & becoming experts in their personal & business finances with CoinCare. With the integration of digital currencies & partnerships with Visa, CoinCare has the potential to reach international markets with relative ease.

January 2023

Launch of CoinCare mobile app, website, and digital currency debit cards in the USA

June 2023

Launch of digital currency debit cards & banking in Europe/UK


Launch of CoinCare Credit Union in New York


Launch of CoinCare banking entities in Europe, the UK, & LATAM, capturing millions more members to the CoinCare community.

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Our Story

- CoinCare was born at the height of the pandemic when small businesses were permitted to open their doors again.

- Many loan & grant programs became available as COVID relief for businesses, but the process was opaque & difficult for the people.

- CoinCare guided businesses to successfully submit applications. With the help of institutional lenders, the SBA, and other financial companies, CoinCare was able to scale its services and secure more than $50 Million in funding for 2500+ clients in 2021.

- CoinCare found more than 30% of business owners were underbanked; with many relying on PayPal & Cashapp. This inspired CoinCare to embrace its mission of helping the underbanked & bringing financial literacy to the world.

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